2014: The Year of Dreams Come True

1. Write down everything good that happens and keep it in a jar

One of my friends did this for 2013. All you need is a large jar, a notepad, and a pen. When something good happens, write it down and stick it in the jar. Whenever you’re feeling down open the jar and remember everything good that has happened. This is a great way to stay positive in 2014!

2. Buy a stranger coffee 

Last year, I had so many strangers pay for my coffee. This year I want to buy at least one person a week coffee. 

3. Stop making excuses to cancel plans/ don’t double-book

I am the WORLDS WORST at canceling plans simply because I don’t feel like going out or getting dressed. This year, instead of canceling I will force myself to get up, get dressed, and go.

4. Visit out-of-city friends

I have so many friends that moved away for college and I didn’t get to see them in person at all in 2013. Instead of just calling or texting that far away friend I want to make a point to go visit them in person.

5.  Find a cause i’m interested in and volunteer my time

Last year I was really interested in what people were doing to end the ivory trade and save elephants but I never actually got involved. This year, I want to find at least one cause that sparks my interest and get involved somehow.

6. Bring my camera more places and take more pictures

When school started last year, I bought a brand new DSLR camera. I didn’t use it that much because I never had it with me. This year I want to carry it with me wherever I go and take pictures of everything.

7. Discover one new band a month

When I find a band I like, I get stuck on their music forever! Every month in 2014, I want to discover one new band and listen to all of their music and learn the lyrics.

8. Learn a new word every week

I find myself using the same words all the time. Every week this year I want to learn one new word and use it in a sentence everyday that week. 

9. Go to art exhibits 

Louisiana has a huge art center downtown and every month there is always a really cool art exhibit. This year I want to make a point to go visit some of them. 

10. Drink lots and lots of water!…and cut out soda

This one is pretty self explanatory. Water = good. Soda = bad. Simple as that.

11. Stop eating chips and pizza

I’m one of those people that eats chips with basically anything. Doritos are my crack. This year I want to cut out the chips and find a healthier alternative. Pizza is always such an easy food when I don’t feel like making a meal. But they are so bad! 2014 = cutting out pizza.

12. Make a meal plan and follow it

Every week I’ll decide what I’m going to eat, but I never really follow that plan. Starting now, I want to actually write out a meal plan and follow it 100%…or at least 90%.

13. Wash my face every night

This one doesn’t need to be explained in much detail. Going to sleep with makeup and dirt on your face = the worst. No matter how tired I am, I will make a point to wash my face before hitting the hay. 

14. Never leave the house with chipped nail polish

I always hate going out in public with my nails looking ratchet. This year, clean nails 24/7 are a must! 

15. Enjoy life!(:

Enjoy the life we’ve been given! Don’t let someone’s negative words bring us down. We are worth so much! Whatever dreams we have can and will be accomplished with hard work. 


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